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How to Book E-learning Work

If you are curious about it but don’t want to take the plunge yet, take my FREE mini-course on how to do stree-free e-learning outreach. It’s short and sweet—just three video lessons you can watch in a span of three days, with small and actionable tips to do as “homework” 🙂

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Does My Voiceover Coach Need To Be Near Me?

If you limit yourself to in-person voice over training only you will eliminate 99% of your coaching options. How many voice over coaches that you want to work with live within 2 hours of your home? There’s almost no reason to be in the same room as your coach so why put such a huge and unnecessary restriction on your coaching options.

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Ever wondered how to book consistent and repeat elearning voice over jobs? Carrie Olsen has developed a proven 5-step system to booking more elearning jobs.

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