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Setting Realistic Goals in Voiceover

It's the time of year when many people are starting to think about setting goals. Planners are being ordered, and we're thinking about how to do things differently next year. What worked and what didn't? What new heights would you like to reach?

How do you set realistic long-term goals--and stay sane as you work toward them?

This was one of the questions asked in our Office Hours session in the Intensive Membership. I am sharing what my thoughts are in the video below. Click to watch it.

Inspired by that session, I thought about doing another free audio series about starting your year strong. It's a series I did with the Intensive members back in 2021, but I decided to share it with everyone this year.

Is there anything you need to recommit to that you've let slide since January?

Is there anything you need to let go of that you've let seep back into your life?

Are your daily actions supporting or pulling you away from your vision for yourself? For your life?

I'm rolling out the "Start Your Year Strong...At Any Time" —free limited podcast series where I share some encouragement for staying strong throughout the year.

1: It's only 3 episodes, released a day at a time! So it doesn't take a huge time commitment to consume.

2: It's helpful:
Episode 1 is about making space for reflection, and setting a direction for the rest of the year that you feel great about,

Episode 2 gets into how to innovate in your voiceover business, and

Episode 3 gives you an easy (and fun!)-to-implement exercise to give you an edge in your voiceover reads, as well as the administrative side of your business.

3: It's low-pressure. You won't feel pressured by over-zealous goals like waking up at 4am or reading 200 pages/day. You'll actually feel refreshed after going through the series!

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