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Ask 100 voice actors how they made it and 99 of them will start talking about their coach. Including me.

Regular training with a reputable coach that you trust will move your career along much faster than going it alone. Scroll down to see my list of recommended voice acting coaches.

Recommended Voice Over Coaches

Perhaps what you'd expect to find here are details on my coaching services. But I am hyper aware of the fact that I wouldn't be here without the training and support of the people who coached and mentored me. So please find below my recommended voiceover coaches. 

When looking for a voiceover coach, there are some key things to keep in mind:

  • The coach's specialty (many coaches only coach in certain genres)
  • The coach's rates
  • The coach's philosophy (will you be studying a curriculum, or will each lesson be custom? Do they "graduate" students, or is study more ongoing?)
  • The coach's services (Do they also produce demos?) 

How to use this page

I've recorded a short interview with each coach so you can get a feel for how they work, who they work with and if you feel like they will be a good match. You can listen to a short excerpt here and then, if you choose, hear or read the full interview by clicking, "Hear the full interview."

Click on the "Contact" link to get connected with a coach you're interested in meeting with.

Remember that your voice over coach does not need to be near you or in the same city. 

Voice coaching can be just as effective through video chat. That's how I coached with Alyson in L.A. while I was living in Kansas City. As a voice actor, most of your work will be virtual anyway so taking direction via video/audio connection will become more natural as your career develops.  

Alyson Steel - Commercial Voice Over Coach

Alyson is a graduate of NYC’s High School of Performing Arts (from the movie “Fame”). She received her B.A. from Queens College while doing recurring work on the soap opera “Another World” as well as on-camera commercials. Alyson decided to go back to school and earned her MFA in Dramaturgy from SUNY Stony Brook. She then moved to Los Angeles and it was only then that the VO bug hit her and began doing extensive Voice Over work.

Everett Oliver - Commercial & Animation Coach

Everett Oliver has built a career in voiceover, Animation, Career Building, Booth Director (directing actors on auditions at a leading LA Based Talent agency), Remote Auditions, Private One on One Directing and Online Directing. In animation and commercial demo recordings, he’s directed actors on animation characters and commercial projects. With over a decade of experience in voiceover casting with titans of the industry in animation such as Disney, Columbia Tri Star, and Film Roman/Starz, Everett Oliver developed skills that prepared him to put on a director’s hat and bring out the best reads for his clients on their auditions.

Mary Lynn Wissner - Commercial Voice Over Coach


With Mary Lynn Wissner, you’ll learn how to adapt, apply and succeed with the ever-changing trends in advertising and production. You’ll gain the skill set and techniques tailored to your abilities, talent and range. Each talent is different and comes with a different set of skills, abilities and goals. We will analyze those skills, refine those abilities and work hard to reach those goals.

Learn a New Way of Coaching from Carrie

I am now thrilled to offer coaching I feel great about, and that will give you the highest level of support. 

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