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How to Book E-learning Work

If commercial voiceover work is the Justin Bieber of the VO industry: sashaying from extravagant concert to extravagant concert, then e-learning voiceover work is the Hanson: still living at home in Oklahoma, putting on small but regular concerts, showing up for work, and then going home.

It's a less flashy life, but perfect if you're looking for quiet, secure, reliable, and on your own terms.

I recently put a poll up in my Voiceover Start-up Facebook group asking what the most appealing part of booking repeat e-learning narration work was. 68% answered, "having a steady stream of work."

No surprise there. I have e-learning clients I have been working with for years, and hope to continue to work with for years to come.

E-learning voiceover work isn't flashy like commercial or animation. But if you don't mind long-form narration and editing, and you can get in with the right clients, it is fantastic and respectable work.

This serves as a much-welcomed change of pace from constantly auditioning for new jobs.

So, how does one book this Hanson-style work consistently?

A System for Booking E-Learning Work

Well, I wish there was one magic strategy you could implement that would guarantee that an overabundance of e-learning developers would come knocking at your door.

But many of us who book regular e-learning narration work have set about it in different ways.

All that to say - having a system makes things so much easier!

When something seems impossible, like booking regular e-learning narration work, knowing and implementing a good system can take you from, "I'm not sure what to do with my hands" to having the confidence to challenge yourself even more.

The perfect match: systems + creativity

While utilizing a system should absolutely be the backbone of your business, be sure to leave some room for creativity in your marketing and outreach.

I challenge you to think about ways you could leverage current relationships and situations to build out your network of potential clients.

As you do this, think beyond the question of, "Who could hire me?" And think about who could connect you to someone who could hire you.

Learn How to Get More E-learning Narration Work—Stress Free!

This is one of the many things we'll be covering in my course, Book More E-learning.

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