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A primer on voiceover demos

When should you make a demo? What is it for? Get the highlights on voiceover demos in this five-minute video.

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This video offers a very high-level view of demos. Namely when to record a demo and what to use it for. Here is a highlight of those highlights 🙂

  • A demo is a highlight reel of your best work (like how much I’m using the word “highlight” here?)
    • You can put it on your website
    • You can try to get agency representation with it
    • You can send it to potential clients to showcase your abilities
    • You can post it on pay-to-play sites
  • You should display a range of styles/tones on your demo
  • Putting together a quality demo is an art and a science
  • Work with a qualified demo producer and/or coach to make your demo
  • Don’t make a demo as a first move when you get into the voiceover industry
  • A good, professional demo will cost you
  • BUT you can make a homemade sample reel in the meantime to post on your site and on pay-to-plays; the DIY demo is not meant to be sent to agencies


How and when to create a voice over demo reel is a subject often discussed in The Voice Over Success Intensive Membership.

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