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I make a full time income working from a tiny sound booth in my basement in Kansas. This reality still blows my mind some days. Like, is this real life? How is this possible?

I get to work with clients all over the globe from my house. Perhaps in my PJs? You’ll never know and I’ll never tell.

Just 15-ish years ago making any money at all as a voice actor from home would have been unheard of. Literally impossible. It’s just one of the many upsides of the advancements of tech and the internet.

There are still plenty of VO jobs that are done in-studio, mostly in LA in the TV, Movie, and Animation world. But I personally know several voice actors who do all of those genres from home in other parts of the country. Some of my VO friends who live in LA rarely go into a studio to record.

I’ve also never had an in-person voice over training session, they’ve all been remote and 99% of the work I do is remote. I’m used to it all by now and never knew another way but it still blows my mind when I really think about it.

Does my voice over coach need to be near me?

Short answer. No!

There’s lots of advantages to remote voice over training.

If you limit yourself to in-person voice over training only you will eliminate 99% of your coaching options. How many voice over coaches that you want to work with live within 2 hours of your home? There’s almost no reason to be in the same room as your coach so why put such a huge and unnecessary restriction on your coaching options.

Your voice over coach will be able to teach you everything that you need to learn over video chat.

Convenience: Not to sound lazy or spoiled, but popping into the booth for a voice over training session via ZOOM is a million times better than driving across town. Or across the country. Honestly, I don’t even understand how people got training before the internet.

With all the prep time for an in person session it will take half the day. Remote training will only take the time it takes for the session itself. Five minutes later you are on to the next thing instead of just getting into the car for the drive back home.

Remote voice over jobs. Don’t limit yourself!

Most of your voice over coaching will be remote and the clients you work with and jobs you deliver will be no different.

As a working voice actor if you limit yourself to local clients only you would never have enough clients to keep you busy. Being able to do work for clients in any part of the country means you’ve got a little shop with an open sign on every corner of every street in every city.

I do jobs all the time and have no idea where the client is located. It’s almost as if it doesn’t matter anymore, there's just one place (the internet) and we are all there, all the time!

You’ll need to be comfortable communicating with and taking direction from clients remotely. Just like with your coach. And you’ll likely use the same or similar tools to do so. So in addition to the actual voice over training from your coach, just learning how to operate your equipment remotely is another plus. That’s how you’ll be delivering your voice over jobs so you’ll need to be able to work all of your equipment, communicate with a client remotely and deliver the finished files.

Voice Over Coaching: Anytime, Anywhere.

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