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How to Do Voice Over Work Part-Time

How do I do voice over work part-time? This is one of the questions I receive by email almost everyday. The folks asking this question either only want to do Voice over as a side-hustle or they want to dip their toes in the water to see if eventually going full time is a viable option. […]

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Voiceover Communities and Forums

Voiceover Forums and Communities When you’re holed up in your closet recording, you can’t just walk down the hall and knock on your co-worker’s cubicle to ask a question. So you’ve got to find your own virtual water cooler to talk shop. You’ll get familiar with how the business of voice over works and what […]

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How to Win Voiceover Jobs

Voiceover is a performance-based profession, which tends to draw people who (surprise, surprise) like to perform. But the real surprise is that many people who are very talented at performing, can’t cut it in voiceover. This is because it takes more than being able to do voices well. Winning voice over jobs or getting premium […]

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Are You “All In”?

You’re teetering on the fence. Wondering if this business can work for you. Maybe you’ve booked a voiceover job here and there, you loved it, and you just want to be able to do more. Or you’ve never booked a job, but you know this is something you can do. On the left side of the […]

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What to do on slow days

This past week wasn’t one of my booking-est. I feel fortunate that the first quarter of the year as a whole has been great. But in this business, there are inevitably slow days. And sometimes… slow weeks.Depending on where you are in your business, slow times will mean something different for you.If you’re just in […]

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Voiceover Stories: Diana Birdsall

One of the most common questions I get asked about voice over is How do I get started? It seems like there should be a simple answer like, “Buy a microphone and start auditioning.” But anyone who has pursued voice over for any length of time will tell you it’s not that simple. So why is […]

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Doing Voiceover When You’re Busy

#reallife confession: These past two weeks have been challenging. Work has been steady, and I’m so grateful! But sometimes the everyday things are enough to tip the scales on the stress-o-meter. And my scale hath been tipped. Probably the thing that’s had the biggest impact is that Ruby is teething. And she’s real serious about […]

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How to win voiceover jobs part 2: Don’t overdo it

In Part 1 of the How to Win Voiceover Jobs series, we talked about how increasing your emotional intelligence helps you be a better voice actor. Today, we’re talking about the danger of overthinking and overdoing. Becoming a successful voice actor isn’t easy, but putting unnecessary extra time and energy into auditions doesn’t always result in more […]

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On joining the union

I’ll be honest. I haven’t booked the right kind of work for me to need join the union yet. I’m totally open to it, and I kind of hoped I would have gotten some crazy huge jobs that necessitated my joining by now, but that hasn’t happened. I’m still doing great in my career, though. […]

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Working on, and not in the biz

Voiceover is an amazing industry! It has allowed me to reach so many goals in a really short amount of time. I’m able to work from home (or anywhere really), spend more time with my family, and do creative work that I love. But there is an aspect of working in VO that causes me […]

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