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What microphone and equipment should I use?

It may surprise you that this in the Intermediate category. Equipment is really basic, right? You have to have equipment before you can even take step 1, right?

Actually, that’s not the case at all.

You only need to purchase equipment after you have been around the industry long enough to know you really want to pursue this as a career. You could theoretically have months-worth of training before ever even scoping out equipment.

And if you’ve been around long enough to be ready to buy equipment, you have probably figured out that while your equipment needs to be good, you don’t need to spend dozens of hours researching the “perfect” microphone, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a quality setup.

Yes, your voice will sound different on different microphones, so there are microphones that you will sound “better” on than others.

But you’re not likely to go wrong if you stick to one of the standard voiceover microphones. I mention some of my favorites here.

As a general rule, if you spend around $120+ or so dollars on a good large diaphragm condense microphone, you’ll be good.

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