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With Mary Lynn Wissner, you’ll learn how to adapt, apply and succeed with the ever-changing trends in advertising and production. You’ll gain the skill set and techniques tailored to your abilities, talent and range. Each talent is different and comes with a different set of skills, abilities and goals. We will analyze those skills, refine those abilities and work hard to reach those goals.

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17:01 So I wanted to ask you a few questions about what it's like to work with you, and your background. And just what either new voice talent or voice talent who are looking for a new coach would expect when working with you.

14:33 Do you coach beginners?

13:16 You mentioned that a lot of what you were talking about was commercial. Are there other genres that you coach in?

12:10 When should a voice talent seek a coach?

10:29 You said you want to help people learn how they can stand out in an audition. Are there other things that encapsulate what you teach?

09:04 How long do you typically work with students?

08:16 And what is your take on demos? When should students make them? Do you make them? What's your involvement in that?

05:44 And it sounds like the people that you work with, because they already have experience, there's probably not a whole lot of career coaching that you have to do. Most of them are probably already on a trajectory. Would you say?

04:49 Okay, so this is your opportunity to brag on yourself, and or your students, What is your greatest accomplishment, would you say, as a voice over coach?

03:05 Well, is there anything else you'd like to add, any advice you would have for voice over talent?

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