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"...I have also made what I expect will be the first of many runs through Voiceover Success Intensive. I want you to know that I find your presentations and your integrity refreshing and realistic. I look forward to learning more from you."

--Jim Sprifke, Voiceover Success Intensive Student

Carrie Olsen, Voice Actor and author of this site

Maybe doing voiceover work has been a dream of yours since you were a kid.

Maybe people have always told you that you have a great voice.

Maybe you're going through a transition, and you're ready to try something new.

For me, I had just had a baby and wanted to be able to leave my 9 to 5 job so I could stay home with my new daughter. I didn't hate my job, but I couldn't stand the thought of going back to work and spending most of my day away from her, after spending every moment with her while on maternity leave. So I started looking for a way that I could stay home, but not lose all of my income.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon a podcast interview that introduced me to the world of voiceover. As I listened and learned more about the industry, my excitement grew and grew.

"There's an industry that allows you to record audio from home and make money?!" 

I didn't waste any time. Voiceover quickly became my new obsession. I devoured everything voiceover-related: books, podcasts, blogs, classes. And I started getting coaching. That's when things got interesting.

Thanks to the guidance of my voiceover coach, before long, I had booked my first job! My dream of getting to work from home--and spending more time with my daughter--was getting closer. I doubled down on building my business. Motivated by the desire to be able to work from anywhere, I put countless hours into developing myself as a voice actor, and developing strategies to propel my business higher.

Cut to today. As a result of all that effort, I get to work from home (or the road, if I want), making a full-time income, and have gotten the pleasure of doing voiceover work for brands like Disney, AT&T, Taco Bell, 7Eleven, Xfinity, Tiffany's, and many others. I do all of this from my home studio, while my daughters (there are two of them now!) play down stairs with the nanny (my mom ;).

If you're here, and you're interested in starting a voiceover business, I already think you're awesome. And if having a profitable voiceover career will improve your life the way it has mine, I hope you're willing to work hard for it. Because I want to see you succeed, and I know you do, too. 

Building your voiceover business won't be easy, but you can do it--especially if you have help. So I put together a guide that serves as both an orientation, and a tool to help you determine next steps, so you can start taking action towards your VO goals. 

It's time to turn that nagging "someday" desire into real life. Download the guide to get started.

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