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How to Find the Right Voiceover Coach

How to Find the Right Voiceover CoachWhy You Need a Voiceover CoachA coach helps you find direction.A coach helps you find motivation.A coach provides a proven framework for success.A coach teaches you about the voiceover industry—everything there is to know about it.A coaching gives you accountability.A coach guides you where you want to get to […]

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Coaching with Mary Lynn Wissner

Voice over Coaching with mary lynn wissner With Mary Lynn Wissner, you’ll learn how to adapt, apply and succeed with the ever-changing trends in advertising and production. You’ll gain the skill set and techniques tailored to your abilities, talent and range. Each talent is different and comes with a different set of skills, abilities and […]

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Coaching with Everett Oliver

Voice over Coaching with everett oliver Everett Oliver has built a career in voiceover, Animation, Career Building, Booth Director (directing actors on auditions at a leading LA Based Talent agency), Remote Auditions, Private One on One Directing and Online Directing. In animation and commercial demo recordings, he’s directed actors on animation characters and commercial projects. […]

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Coaching with Alyson Steel

Voice over Coaching with Alyson Steel Alyson is a graduate of NYC’s High School of Performing Arts (from the movie “Fame”). She received her B.A. from Queens College while doing recurring work on the soap opera “Another World” as well as on-camera commercials. Alyson decided to go back to school and earned her MFA in […]

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What microphone and equipment should I use?

It may surprise you that this in the Intermediate category. Equipment is really basic, right? You have to have equipment before you can even take step 1, right? Actually, that’s not the case at all. You only need to purchase equipment after you have been around the industry long enough to know you really want […]

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Voicever tools and resource guide

Get a free copy of my favorite tools and products in this resource guide. You’ll pick up gems that’ll help make your voiceover life easier. Click to Tweet Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. Which means that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through […]

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How to get started in voiceover

A few days ago, I was in my home studio, editing a voiceover project. It was a slow and easy day, when suddenly – my mom (and nanny) was rushing me to come downstairs! When I got to where she was, lo and behold – my little Ruby was right there… taking her first steps! […]

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Voice acting: Why it’s good to talk to yourself

Do you ever find yourself having both sides of a make believe conversation between you and… you? It would be really weird for anyone in any other profession to admit that they talk to themselves out loud and often. But fortunately, voice actors have a job where it’s not only acceptable to do that, it’s required! So if anyone ever […]

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What About the Non-commercial Stuff?

  When I first got into voiceover, all of my coaching sessions were focused on commercial reads. Come to think of it, the majority of them still are. Most of my demos are commercial demos, and my agents are mostly commercial agents. All of this training and effort I have put into commercial reads has been […]

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