The Ultimate System to Book More E-learning Work

And finally have an e-learning narration business you love

The e-learning industry is why is it so hard to book narration work?

The statistics are in. It is clear that the e-learning market is skyrocketing. So, naturally, there are way more opportunities for us as voice actors to voice more courses, right? 

That seems to be true, but somehow the process of building a consistent e-learning voiceover business seems just as hard as ever. 

What's going on?

Well, it is true that the e-learning industry is growing--at unprecedented rates, actually. But the problem is that the methods to get in touch with the people who can hire us have changed. And in our ever-evolving technological environment, they continue to change.

So to be competitive in this new wave of growth, you have to prove yourself to be just as innovative as the technology we use.

But how can you be successful when the rules are always changing?

You may have taken e-learning courses in the past, or even marketing classes to help you get a leg-up on your business. But there are a couple problems with this:

1. Many of these methods are already outdated by the time you run across them

2. They may be being mass marketed to other voice actors, so when you implement them, you become another small fish in a large pond, rather than an authentic voice with something unique to offer clients

What you need is a reliable system--and support to help you implement it

There's no shortage of information out there. Between blogs, YouTube channels, workshops, online courses...

But you're pretty much just gambling when it comes to what content is actually reputable and helpful.

You're also not interested in wading through a bunch of questionable blogs or getting a bunch of "general" information about voiceover. 

All you need is a simple system that will equip you book more e-learning work, preferably with some support to help you implement the system.

Something that will help you:

  • Navigate the e-learning industry so you know exactly which companies and individuals you should be focusing on
  • Put a marketing system on repeat so you can replicate successful results over and over again without having to reinvent the wheel
  • Feel confident about your interactions with clients so you don't fear negative backlash or feeling inauthentic
  • Set up a workflow that will help you efficiently deliver on-trend voiceover that your clients will love

Your Journey

What if you were no longer in the dark? If you could become one of the voice actors who has access to the e-learning opportunities that you know are out there but seem so hard to get?

Book More

E-learning LIVE

New and Updated for 2022

Join me for this updated experience that will be your framework for leveling up your e-learning narration business this year.


Meet Carrie

I'm a kombucha-loving voice actor, blogger and course creator who used to create online courses corporately before becoming a full time voice actor.

When I realized I was stuck in a perpetual cycle of auditioning all day, I created a plan to get more control of my bookings. And that's how the first version of Book More E-learning was born in 2015. 

A lot of things in this industry have changed since then, but fortunately, I love following marketing trends, innovating, experimenting with my marketing efforts, and figuring out what's working right now in the voiceover marketing world.

My husband describes my approach to marketing as "ferocious." But, you know, also easy-going :)


voice actor

I can't recommend this highly enough!

Here's What You'll Get

Module 1 Preparation

In this module, we go over all the lingo and corporate e-learning basics you need to know to be effective with your outreach.

Module 2 Finding

This is a robust module all about finding the right people to send your outreach emails to so you get the best results.

Module 3 Acquiring

Once you've found those contacts, you'll need to know what to say to them! In this module, you'll create a system for sending effective, organic outreach.

Module 4 Doing

The best marketing system in the world won't do you any good if you don't have the acting chops to back it up. In this module, we'll go over the e-learning sounds that are in-demand by clients.

Module 5 Follow-up

Then we'll wrap it all up with a follow-up system that will help you to put your whole system on repeat.


You'll also get the Marketing Mindset bonus, a service standards cheat sheet, a Good Leads/Bad Leads checklist, productivity resources, and more!

Happy Customers

Thanks to Carrie's tips for creating a more focused contact list, I got three jobs in the first month that paid for the class several times over. Best money I ever spent!"


I adapted one of your email templates and had a personal response only 90 minutes later. So...I feel great. THANK YOU!! I wouldn't have been able to do this without you."


Gasp! This course actually shows you what to DO!

I got an email recently from someone who was lamenting the fact that she recently spent some money on a course that was supposed to teach her how to make more connections online.

"Here I am with absolutely nothing to show for it," she said.

In Book More E-learning, not only are the modules themselves simple, direct, and easy to follow, but when you join the Live Mastermind, you'll get personalized guidance from me as we workshop the content together. So you're guaranteed to implement what you learn!

What Makes Book More E-learning Different?

When I first got started in voiceover, I was frustrated that there didn't seem to be a good course, method, or system out there that delivered the straight information I needed without any fluff.

So I take care to create courses and programs that will not waste your time.

I could make this course look more fancy by including a bunch of extras to raise its perceived value, but that would only serve to bog you down with more clutter that you don't need.

So this course is focused. It's simple and to the point, and its purpose is all in the name: Book More E-learning.

Any bonuses or additional resources are only to help you to achieve that goal.

And the best part of the updated course is that the live classes are more hands-on than ever before. So if you have struggled with implementation in the past, you will get personal attention from me to help you apply each concept when you join the live sessions. 

Three tiers to choose from

Online Modules Only


or 2 payments of $142.50

Get all the core modules and bonuses on-demand. You'll have everything you need to build out your booking system, watch on your own time, any time until forever (lifetime access). Modules will be available August 12.

4 Weeks of Live Classes + Modules + Mastermind


or 4 payments of $125

Get all the core modules, but you'll actually get to participate in them! This Mastermind group will meet live in 4 session, with the first half of the session teaching core content, and the second half being a Mastermind-style workshop where you'll get personalized help implementing the concepts just taught. You'll get access to my brain and lifetime access to the recordings afterwards.

E-learning Alignment

Limited to 5


or 4 payments of $500

Okay. You're not playing around. With E-learning Alignment, you will participate in the live classes and Mastermind, THEN schedule a full day of 1-on-1 planning, alignment, and implementation with me to create a personalized Book More E-learning system like no other.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 60 days!

The entire purpose of the course is to help you create a system for booking more e-learning work. So if you go through the program and don't believe the course delivers what it promises, you can request a refund within 60 days of purchasing. 

What others are saying

Just a quick follow-up to let you know that thanks to your coaching and advice, I’ve scored myself an agent! Hoping to book a lot of eLearning work.


Thank you so much for your time and professional assessment, guidance, assistance and suggestions! I cannot believe how much I got from just 30 minutes with you - I am getting really excited to START (haha!) which feels great instead of just feeling afraid to start...


Thank you so much for the wealth of information provided in the BOOK MORE eLEARNING course. I was even bold enough to contact a local KY e-learning content provider that actually mentioned on their website that they were interested in finding quality freelance talent. So, I adapted one of your email templates and had a personal response only 90 minutes later.

Catherine Gaffney


When will the live classes start

The live classes will begin in August and will be held once/week on Tuesday evenings at 4pm Central Time.

what is the difference between the tiers?

The Modules Only tier gets you on-demand, lifetime access the core modules. Since they are being recorded live, they will be dripped out to you starting in the second week of August. 

The Live Classes + Modules Mastermind tier allows you to participate in the live sessions as they're being recorded. The first part of the class I will present core content, and the second part of the class will be dedicated to you. You'll be able to workshop any of the content we cover and ask questions of me live.

The 1-on-1 E-learning Alignment tier gets you everything you get in the Mastermind tier, but you'll also schedule a full day 1-on-1 deep dive implementation session with me where we will cover all aspects of your Book More E-learning system and implement certain aspects in real time. The first half will be dedicated to assessment, and the second half to implementation.

how long will i be able to purchase the course?

The course will be available until Saturday, July 23. Then the doors will close until the next launch period. This is so that I can be sure to have enough bandwidth to powerfully serve everyone who joins this launch period.

if i am a brand new voice actor, is this course for me?

I would recommend that you start with my starter membership course, The Voiceover Success Intensive, if you're just getting started. That said, if you're ready for a deep dive into the world of e-learning voiceover, you will definitely learn a lot and get a head start in this course. Plus, you have lifetime access, so you can always revisit it as you grow in your career.

if i already have book more e-learning, do i need to buy it again?

No, you'll have access to the core modules automatically. If you'd like to participate in the live classes for the updated course, email me at and I'll let you know how you can upgrade.


If you participate in the classes and follow the system, you're guaranteed to know how to be successful as an e-learning voice actor. I can bring the tools and process, but you've got to deliver on your performance. All the knowledge and strategy in the world will only go so far if you performance ability is lagging.

Book More E-learning

And finally have an e-learning narration business you love


Starting my voiceover business changed my life, which is why I love sharing about it. I created this course for the people who love e-learning narration as much as I do and want it to be a more foundational and regular piece of their business.

Growing my voiceover business has been an education. I'm thrilled to be able to share that education with you through this course.

Carrie Olsen Voiceover