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You've found it! The perfect mix of in-person VO coaching and online training.

Carrie Olsen and Alyson Steel have combined powers to bring you the Voiceover Success Intensive.The Intensive is an all-online program that gives you only the best of what you need to know to start building and growing your voiceover business. Carrie and Alyson cover every aspect of what it takes to make money as a voice actor. So whether you have the voiceover skills, but no clue about how to get clients, or you're a marketing genius with no acting experience, the Voiceover Success Intensive will get you up to speed in the areas you need most. Join the growing community of voice actors who have gotten their start from Carrie and Alyson. I mean, a better team to learn voiceover from simply doesn't exist.

The Voiceover Industry

Types of VO

Understanding Your Voice

Sneak Peek into Carrie's Studio

Skills Needed for VO

Home Recording


Commercial Examples

Reading Copy with Alyson Steel

Taking Care of Your Voice

Acting for VO

Promo and Trailer Examples

Auditioning with Excellence

Agents, Unions, Legal

Video Game and Animation Examples

Building Your Brand

Making Money Through Connecting

Narration/Corporate/E-learning Examples


Your Action PIE

Getting Recurring Work

Future-proofing Your Business

The Voiceover Success Intensive Online Training Course

The VO Success Intensive will equip you with the knowledge you need to confidently build a profitable voiceover business.

​The modules in the course have been painstakingly curated, and represent only the best and most actionable information you need to start or grow your voiceover career. As long as you are a student in the Intensive, you will have access to the course content, which is constantly increasing in value as new resources are added regularly.

In addition to the online modules, students will gain membership to the private Facebook community, be invited to monthly live Q&As with Carrie and Alyson, and have access to exclusive resources, like auditioning templates and introduction letters to send to potential clients. Enjoy the content however you like best -- transcripts, MP3s, and slides are provided from each lesson.

Students will also have the option of joining a group coaching class as part of their membership.​


After booking her first national radio campaign shortly after beginning her voiceover training, Carrie quit her job to do voiceover full-time. From day 1, she approached her voiceover work like a business,and her ferocious marketing and networking techniques (combined with tons of practice) landed her jobs with companies like Kmart, Taco Bell, Bank of America, REI and lots of other companies that she still can't believe she's gotten to work with. When it comes to voiceover, business and technology,she's basically Yoda.


Alyson is a voiceover goddess (and Carrie's coach). She's been in the business for over 20 years and can rock your world with voiceover knowledge. She has coached dozens of students, includingAmerican Idol Star Blake Lewis, she knows more about acting than Kevin Spacey, and has a magical way of making the most complicated voiceover concepts actually doable. She's done everything: soap operas, TV commercials, radio, imaging, narration, animation... Everything.

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