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Voiceover Communities and Forums

When you’re holed up in your closet recording, you can’t just walk down the hall and knock on your co-worker’s cubicle to ask a question. So you’ve got to find your own virtual water cooler to talk shop. You’ll get familiar with how the business works pretty fast by getting involved in some online communities. Here are the best ones.

The Voiceover Start-Up Group

Naturally, I’m biased. But the Voiceover Start-Up Facebook group is a great place to start for voice actors (and aspiring voice actors) at all levels who want to rub shoulders with their peers while learning a ton and being challenged to do their best.

Voice Over Professionals on LinkedIn

This is a very active group on LinkedIn that has members on every level — from “I don’t have a microphone yet” to six-figure pro. The discussions are mostly helpful, and you can always sift through old comments to learn the latest opinions on what microphone is best or whether pay-to-play sites are a good thing or not.

Voice-Over Pros Facebook Group

This is another great group of voice actors, but this one seems to have more active professionals than the LinkedIn group. But there is still great discussion and interaction around the same kinds of topics.

Voiceover Universe Facebook Group

There is an actual site for Voiceover Universe, but I have found the Facebook page to be more helpful and involved. It’s a larger group than the other Facebook group, and there is a lot of good information for new and seasoned VOs.


This is a great and very active voiceover forum. There are threads here from many moons ago, but there is still lively discussion that goes on today.