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Investing in my voice acting training and coaching was no doubt the best thing I did for myself and my voice acting career. I can't imagine how much longer and frustrating the road would have been without my amazing coaches, mentors, and the classes I've taken along the way. 

If you've been reading my blog for a while and you like my style of sharing info, this is the page for you. You'll find all my premium content just the way you'd expect it: no fluff, action-oriented, and step-by-step.

I'm an e-learning junky from way back before I was a full time professional voice talent so it's a reflex to package all this knowledge and experience into online courses for you.

All my best on your voice acting journey!


Voiceover Success Intensive

Learn the business of voiceover in a supportive community! Includes monthly in person (online) Q&A's and hot seat sessions. Learn the basics of recording, marketing, auditioning and more.

Get Traction in Voiceover

Get Traction gives you a strategy for building your voiceover business, while teaching you how to maximize your time. My most thorough online voice over course.

Book More Elearning

Learn how to book more e-learning narration work by becoming an e-learning voice over insider. *The e-learning industry is growing and the demand for e-learning narrators will continue to grow too! (This is the only e-learning narration course of it's kind that exists anywhere online.)

Build a Voiceover Plan from Scratch

In this free email mini-class learn to make forward progress in your voiceover business, even if you're just getting started and have limited time. This free online voice over class helps total beginners learn the landscape of the voice over industry and helps you create a plan of attack for building a voice over business.


Is Your Voice Right for Voiceover?

Find out which voiceover genres your voice is best suited for. Learn techniques you'll need to work on & what steps to focus on next to build your voiceover career.

Voiceover equipment and resource guide

Having the right voiceover recording equipment is important for obvious reasons. I've researched and listed the best microphones for voice over (and a bunch of other equipment too). My voice over equipment guide covers everything from microphones, interfaces and software to vocal booths, emails marketing and invoicing solutions.

Voiceover Coaching

I've partnered with several of the best voice acting coaches in the industry to offer a variety of coaching choices. Choosing a voice over coach that you trust and feel comfortable with is important. Visit the coaching page to watch interviews with some of my favorite coaches. Then feel free to contact the coach you like most to explore what one-on-one coaching would look like. 

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