The complete system for finding and delivering repeat e-learning work that allows you to build up your business, while decreasing your stress and building stability.

"I can't recommend this highly enough!" --Alan

"I was determined to focus on expanding my eLearning business for 2017, and thanks to Carrie's tips for creating a more focused contact list, I got three jobs in the first month that paid for the class several times over. Best money I ever spent!" --Jill

This is for you if...

  • You're tired of the pay-to-play game and are ready to take your voiceover business to the next level with consistent, high quality e-learning narration work
  • You want a unique advantage over other voice actors vying for the same jobs
  • You're ready to "do the work" and put an aggressive marketing plan in action
  • You want to build your client list with names who are ready and eager to hire voice talent for their projects

 This course will help you to... 

  • Learn how to speak the language of e-learning developers so you can be confident and competent when doing outreach
  • Discover which types of e-learning companies are good leads so you won't waste your time chasing down dead-end leads
  • Reach out to potential clients right when they need you
  • Implement a follow-up cycle so that you stay top of mind with potential clients
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And you'll also get...

  • Lifetime access to the Marketing Mindset for Voice Actors bonus video so you can feel good about your correspondence with clients
  • The Good Lead/Bad Checklist that helps you to determine which leads are worth your time
  • The "Just in Time" marketing approach that helps you to reach out to clients right when they're looking to hire

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If you do the work, show me your results, and the system isn't performing for you, I will gladly give you a refund!


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