Never Wonder What Step to Take Next

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Finally Rid Yourself of Uncertainty

Clarity and time. You could rock your voiceover business if you had more of those two things, right? It's not a matter of motivation. You know you want a thriving voiceover business, and you're ready to work for it. The problem is there isn't a predefined path to take. And you don't have time to sort through every online program claiming to hold the keys to success.

What you need is an action plan that works. One that doesn't require 8 hours a day or treat you like a number. A plan that gets it.

You're unique, and so is your background. And your voiceover action plan should take that into account. If you're working full-time, your plan will look different than someone working part-time or who is in-between jobs. This free mini-class will help you customize a plan that won't feel like a burden to implement.

Creating a Voiceover Plan from Scratch Solves Your Problem in 3 Ways:

Mission Statement

Helps you establish a mission statement so you know where you're going and when you've reached success.

Avoid Mistakes

The mini-class shows you the most common mistakes aspiring voice actors take and how you can avoid them.

Making the Time

Learn to utilize your time as a tool, rather than seeing it as something preventing you from being able to move forward on your goals.

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for you? Here's how you can apply this to your life in just 3 steps:


Go from "trying" to "being"

Learn to shift your mindset so you feel comfortable and confident forging forward on your business path.


Take control of your time

You can't create more time, so you have to learn to prioritize it. These powerful exercises will show you how.

time budget


Think like a (successful) business owner

At the end of the day, it's all about how much you can help others. Learn to frame your entire business off of this principle.

Student Stories

heather foster

Heather Foster

Thanks for doing this series. These emails are wonderful. It never occurred to me to write a mission statement! Looking forward to email 3! 

Suzanne Tuttle

Already this week I have spent 8 hours on voiceover (!), the most ever and I am excited about my momentum.

Amy Maneval

Amy Maneval

I got your email last night, and it reminded me to say to myself that it's okay to figure it out as I go, to have a flexible plan, to take it one step at a time, to give it time.

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Creating a Voiceover Plan from Scratch

Learn From My Journey

This isn't like other online courses you've taken. In this email mini-class, I bring you into my personal journey, the challenges I overcame to finally start feeling like a pro, and the practical steps I took that allowed me to get there.

What's more, I show you how can transform your journey as well. So you can stop dreaming about your dreams, and actually see them get closer and closer as you take intentional steps toward them.

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