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How to get started in voiceover    

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When it comes to success in voiceover, there are a lot of things that you need to have lined up to make a real go of it. You need equipment, business skills, a demo, a website, and not to mention --acting skills. But the good news is if you are teachable and willing to put in the practice it takes to be competitive in this industry, you are really only limited by the amount and quality of work you are willing to put into building your business.

In this free, 31-page guide to getting your start in voiceover, I share with you:

How to tell where your voice fits in the VO world

How to set yourself apart and get better clients through marketing

The step-by-step "today" pathway for starting a voiceover business

Some practical steps for getting started today

​and a lot more!

Carrie Olsen

In this guide, I talk about how my ferocious marketing and networking techniques, combined with extensive training and study, landed me voiceover jobs with brands like Kmart, Taco Bell, Bank of America, REI and others. 

You can hear me regularly on national TV and radio commercials, e-learning courses, and internet videos. You can see me frequenting coffee shops with my husband and daughter in Kansas City.