Confidently Create a Rock-Solid Plan for Your Voiceover Business

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Learn the exact steps to take to build a thriving voiceover business... even if you're strapped for time

Free yourself from overwhelm once and for all, and feel confident that you're taking the right steps

Get Traction in Voiceover is an online course designed with one purpose in mind: To create a clear, actionable, step-by-step plan for your voiceover business.

It is possible to build a profitable voiceover business, IF you know where to start and what to do next. And that's exactly what this course shows you.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Within 24 hours of signing up, you will get lifetime access to 25+ video lessons in your course portal. You will also schedule your 30-minute 1-on-1 consultation with Carrie Olsen, as well as request access to the private Facebook accountability group. You will be invited to additional monthly live Q&As for a full year. The course was created for busy people, so you can stay on track spending only an hour a day going through the material. At the end of the course, you will have a rock-solid, step-by-step action plan for your voiceover business that you feel confident you can follow.

Your Plan

You will create your custom business plan for preparing to systematically book regular voiceover work

The Methods

You will learn how to utilize the 3 methods of getting Traction: Auditioning, Networking, and Email List


You will feel confident that you're covering all the bases

Streamlined Approach

You will be in control of your schedule instead of feeling like you have to "work things in"

Here's what's in the course


Module 1: Your Action Plan

Right off the bat, we jump into the big picture of creating your action plan. Module 1 breaks down what Traction looks like, helps you set realistic expectations, and introduces most of the productivity resources we'll be utilizing throughout the rest of the course.


Module 2: The First Method of Getting Traction - Auditioning

In the Auditioning Module, the course breaks down the first method of getting traction into auditioning mindset, auditioning skills, where to get auditions, an audition checklist, basic setup and equipment, editing, the ability to self-direct, and performance skills.


Module 3: The Second Method of Getting Traction - Networking

In this robust module, the course covers why networking is vital for getting traction in voiceover, how to network informally, intentionally, in person, and online.


Module 4: The Third Method of Getting Traction - Email List

In this module we cover the third and most powerful method of getting Traction in voiceover: Email List. The course covers what an email list is, why it's important to have one, goes over email scenarios, email list building tools, crafting an email outreach and followup strategy, and more.


Bonus Resources

Get the low-down on demos, talent interviews, worksheets, assessments, and more to help you digest the content and put it into action.


Get Traction is all about empowering you to take action

In addition to the training modules, Get Traction in Voiceover also comes with extra resources to help you get the most out of the training. Productivity resources to help you utilize your time better. Accountability bonuses to ensure you're making progress on your plan. And expert interviews to distill all the need-to-know information into individual, value-packed lessons.

Bonus 1
Private Facebook accountability group

Information is necessary, but all the information in the world is useless if you don't implement it. That's where the Facebook accountability group comes in. Get support and community from other like-minded voice actors to help keep you on track with your plan.

Bonus 2
Intro to Voiceover video lesson from Alyson Steel

In this bonus video lesson, 20-year voiceover veteran and highly coveted coach, Alyson Steel, breaks down the genres of voiceover, how to make money in the field, union vs non-union and the technology used in the business. Essential insider knowledge valued at $130 when bought alone.

Bonus 3
Q&As and Hot Seat Sessions

Join in on live monthly Q&A and Hot Seat sessions for one full year! In the Q&As, Carrie Olsen and Alyson Steel teach a topic, then answer all questions from students. Hot Seat Sessions serve as personal, 1-on-1 coaching sessions where the coach(es) dive deep into one student's business, leaving them with a revived set of action steps afterwards.

Bonus 4
Guest Teacher Lessons and Talent Interviews

Never have to guess about when and how to make a demo: Learn the no-holds-barred truth about voiceover demos from renowned demo producer, Eric Romanowski. And see yourself in the stories of other voice actors at various stages in their businesses in exclusive talent interviews.

Bonus 5
Productivity Tool Lifeline ebook

Kiss overwhelm goodbye. You already have a lot to juggle in your schedule. And the hard truth is - to build a profitable voiceover business, you have to put time into it. This resource gives you the tools to gradually build the habits you need to put your VO plan into action, while still managing your other obligations.

About The Creator,
Carrie Olsen

Carrie Olsen lives and breathes voiceover. She is represented by one of the top voiceover agencies in the country and records audio from her home studio for brands like Home Chef, Grammarly, Gatorade, Disney, TNT, Netflix, Schwab, and many more. 

As a former e-learning developer, she brings her passion for the voiceover industry to her students through engaging, carefully crafted online courses.

When she first started in VO, she described her approach to marketing herself as "ferocious." In her business coaching and courses, she teaches her students that same ferocious approach to moving the needle in their businesses.

When she's not in her recording booth, you can find Carrie "front porching" with her husband, Derek, and their two daughters, Amelie and Ruby.

Your time is valuable. Get Traction helps you get it right the first time.

There are years of experience, trial and error, and expertise tied up neatly in the Get Traction in Voiceover course. Between the training modules, the expert interviews, and the bonus resources, there's more valuable content available than if you were to spend hours sorting through blogs and Google search results.

But not only do you save time because all the best, most relevant, and actionable content is spoon-fed to you, you also save a ton of money! For reference, three 1-hour business coaching sessions with Carrie cost $500. And a typical 1-hour coaching session with a voiceover coach can run you anywhere from $100 to up to $250. Get Traction in Voiceover not only delivers over 15 hours of high-quality, high-action training; it teaches you the best way to absorb the training so you're getting the most out of your time and dollars.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 60 Days

The entire purpose of the course is to help you create a rock-solid plan for your voiceover business that you can actually execute. So if you go through the program and don't believe the course delivers what it promises, you can request a refund within 60 days of purchasing. 

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