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A primer on voiceover demos

When should you make a demo? What is it for? Get the highlights on voiceover demos in this five-minute video. Click to Tweet    This video offers a very high-level view of demos. Namely when to record a demo and what to use it for. Here is a highlight of those highlights 🙂A demo is a […]

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Voice acting: Why it’s good to talk to yourself

Do you ever find yourself having both sides of a make believe conversation between you and… you? It would be really weird for anyone in any other profession to admit that they talk to themselves out loud and often. But fortunately, voice actors have a job where it’s not only acceptable to do that, it’s required! So if anyone ever […]

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How to win voiceover jobs part 2: Don’t overdo it

In Part 1 of the How to Win Voiceover Jobs series, we talked about how increasing your emotional intelligence helps you be a better voice actor. Today, we’re talking about the danger of overthinking and overdoing. Becoming a successful voice actor isn’t easy, but putting unnecessary extra time and energy into auditions doesn’t always result in more […]

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How to win voiceover jobs, part 1: emotional intelligence

I’ve talked before about how listening is such an important trait for good voice actors to have. Voiceover is a performance-based profession, which tends to draw people who (surprise, surprise) like to perform. But the real surprise is that many people who are very talented at performing, can’t cut it in voiceover. This is because […]

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